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Throughout the world Scandinavian craftsmanship has no peer. Attention to detail and high quality materials combined with aesthetic simplicity or ornate elegance, the Scandinavians have built homes, cars, furniture, tools, and objects of art that last for generations. We are proud to be continuing that tradition here in the Northwest. We will do our best to live up to the name “Skändia.”

Service is the keyword at Skändia Remodeling. We are a one-stop shop offering both design and complete remodeling management. We are dedicated to providing high quality workmanship and convenient service throughout your project. Our philosophy is to produce a well-designed and well-crafted job with a very personal touch. We are not a large, “get lost in the crowd” kind of company, nor do we feel that is the best way to care for our customers.

Knowledge and experience is something you should look for in your contractor. With over 45 combined years of experience in the construction industry, Skändia has been involved in almost every kind of remodeling project imaginable. We can take your “general ideas” and sketch them out so you can visualize the project before you proceed further. Our understanding of the process can save you valuable time and prevent costly mistakes.

Attitude. Courtesy and thoughtfulness make your job more pleasant. We have considerate and cheerful carpenters on our crew, and our subcontractors specialize in remodeling, so your won’t have to deal with rude or unprofessional people who have no respect for your property. We know it’s difficult to have strangers wandering into your home at all hours of the day, so we do our best to be friendly and make the remodeling experience a stress-free one.

No Hassles. Convenience is unsurpassed with our system. We feel we have the most down-to-earth and comprehensive package available in the industry. You can hire one of the “big-name” firms and become a number on their sales chart, or you can hire a “dog-and-truck” guy who basically just pounds the nails. But we fit right in the middle of the spectrum, and we’re very comfortable there. We think you will be too.

Downsized for efficiency. Smaller IS better. Through years of experience we have come to realize that a personal approach to home renovation is what most people desire. As a medium-sized firm, we are large enough to give top-notch service, but small enough to know and care about your needs. “Downsizing” means you don’t have so many layers of bureaucracy to deal with. It will cost you less too.

Informative. We take the role of being your remodeling consultant seriously, so we try to make communication with us as easy as possible. That keeps the uncertainties and worries to a minimum. You will be dealing directly with the designer, Paul Olson, so you won’t have the levels of personnel to go through to find out what will be happening next on your job. We have found communication is the key to customer satisfaction.

Attention to details means quality is guaranteed. With fewer people involved in every project, it is possible for us to personally supervise each job and oversee all the steps from start to finish. Our approach to quality is that we want YOU to be pleased with every detail. We know that you are the one who will be looking at our work long after we’re done, and we want you to think well of us when you do!

Skändia Design + Remodeling. Building on the tradition of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

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